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Honey Flower Organics

The Goddess Trio

The Goddess Trio

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What’s Included?

“ My Feet Hurt”

An all-natural luxurious muscle relaxer massage oil to relieve pain, tension, soreness, and spasms caused by standing/ walking for long periods and strenuous activities.

Boric Health Vaginal Suppositories 

Our Boric Health suppositories contain 600 mg each of boric acid, a natural mineral that has been used by women for centuries to maintain ideal intimate health. Boric acid is a very mild acidic mineral that is hypoallergenic and causes no side effects. Inserting one of these suppositories into one’s vagina helps to restore a natural pH. They are made with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade boric acid powder.


Organic Moisturizer Body Oil

A blend of organic natural oils that treat, moisturize and nourishes your skin from head to toe. Our body oil is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that leaves your skin hydrated, calm, soft, and smooth to the touch. "Its a Genie in a bottle".



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