"MY FEET HURT " 10,000 Bottles SOLD


" I founded Honey Flower Organics because I wanted women to use products, that are safe, effective, and performed well on their most intimate body parts."

               Melissa Chiffon, Owner


                           My Story  

The Honey Flower Organics brand began its success story out of a need to use skin care and feminine products that were all natural without the harsh side effects. After many years of research and using various products that the market offered, I discovered that organic ingredients were the answer to my skin problems. I was suffering from severe eczema, itchy dry skin, rashes, razor bumps from shaving my flower ( vajayjay), skin discolorations and many more. I was spending a lot of money buying different organic products to address each individual problem with mediocre results. That's when I decided to use my knowledge about organic ingredients to heal myself. It took me 1.5 years to perfect the formula and it healed all my problems. Then, I started making bottles for my family and friends and they loved it. After attending a women's seminar and giving out one hundred samples, I received numerous emails from women all over the world wanting to purchase my skin care and feminine products. From there, the idea of Honey Flower Organics was


                          Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women to live healthy, happy, and confident lives. Our brand values are rooted in community, consciousness, and femininity. We believe that what you put on, in, and around your body matters the most. " I am every Women"!